LeJenCRMFor Insurance

A Perfect Software Solution for Insurance Management

With the increase in the number of insurance companies in the market and consumers becoming more aware of different policies. The cost of attracting a new customer is five times more than that is incurred to make an existing customer happy. People are more likely to buy from someone they have a good relationship with and who really understands them and the needs of their company. Therefore, to survive in the market, insurance companies need to implement CRM in their organizations. This is the key to success in the industry. The organizations can succeed who have been able to build a base of their loyal customers, because a loyal customer advocates the companies products much better than the organization itself. The basic existence of the organisation lies in the hands of its customers. It can be easily concluded that for success, it is necessary to implement CRM in the right manner.

Le Jensoft 

offers highly innovative and flexible tools that enable insurance companies to form a rational and emotional connection with their customers. With LeJenCRMFor Insurance, Insurance companies can turn customer data into deep customer relationships and open up new sales opportunities for now and the future.

LeJenCRMFor Insurance

Strengthen relationships with customers, accelarates sales and maximize profit.

LeJenCRMFor Insurance has elaborate and sophisticated modules for all kinds of enquiries, customer and follow-up management that keeps track of all enquiries, customers and sales. Regular customer follow up will inspire customers to become and remain loyal supporters of your company. It also has an E-mail and SMS notification system that alerts the customer about policy renewal. SMS and E-mail integration with LeJenCRMFor Insurance can also be used for marketing. To plan future strategies, LeJenCRMFor Insurance have the analytics module which helps in measuring different metrics like policies registered, renewed, pending premiums, new customers, etc.

Top Product Features are:

  • Can create invoices, collect payments, issue receipts
  • Facilitates full policy renewal & payment management
  • Providing the ability to assign tasks to agents and track their performance
  • Helps in implementing various insurance processes with minimum manual labor
  • Includes insurance accounting module
  • Provides real-time reporting
  • Benefits

  •  Improves Profitability
  •  Saves time & improves efficiency
  •  Better sales predictions
  •  Greater business competitiveness
  •  Better data management and customer profiles
  •  Reduces effort and provides better staff performance
  •  Data is made available anytime,anywhere!
  •  Multi-organization support
  •  Multi device support
  •  Digital paperless processes
  •  User friendly interface
  •  It is fully customizable to suit the needs of your business.
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