A Perfect Software Solution for Laboratory Management

Medical laboratory plays a very important role in the diagnostic phase of health care. In laboratory, highly systematic procedures are mandatory. The important parameters of overall efficiency of health and medical care are quality, reliability, cost effectiveness, and turnaround time of laboratory services. The delay in giving test results or giving unreliable results causes adverse effect on patient's health. Improved service quality, efficiencies, and professionalism in laboratory management will result in better patient experience and raise the standards of laboratory practices. So medical laboratories need to invest on software to provide reliable result to patients within a quick turnaround time which in turn ensures financial returns to the laboratory.

OptimaLab is a software solution for Laboratory Information Management developed by Le Jensoft.


Optimize the laboratory performance from sample intake to delivery of accurate results.

OptimaLab is a cloud based laboratory information management system for managing laboratory data. It have patient management ( customer), test management, employee management and accounts management module. Automatic notifications (email/sms) can be sent to customers on test reports through our automated lab notification module. This helps in reducing manual error, improving quality and efficiency and maintaining professionalism in your laboratory.

OptimaLab is a laboratory management software which helps in

  • Manage Patients - It helps in collecting patient detail
  • Manage lab Request - Its helps in managing test requests
  • Test result entry - It allows to enter the test result of the patient
  • Print lab test result - Provides the test result in detail with units and reference range
  • Sends test report - Sends Lab notifications like email, sms of the test reports.
  • Benefits

  •  Minimal error
  •  Reduced costs and improved efficiency
  •  Improved transparency to lab work status
  •  Flexibility to accommodate new requirements
  •  Improved quality and efficiency
  •  Improved professionalism
  •  Better Patient experience
  •  Multi device support
  •  Digital paperless processes
  •  Cost effectiveness
  •  It is fully customizable to suit the needs of your business.
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