A Perfect Software Solution for Case Management

People are hiding their evil minds as they fear laws. Laws are set of rules to regulate people's behavior. It is created and enforced through social or governmental institutions. They protect our general safety, and ensure our rights as citizens against abuses by other people, by organizations, and by the government itself. A law firm is a business entity formed by one or more lawyers to engage in the practice of law. It is very complex and risky in managing case, client records, bookkeeping, schedules and appointments, documents, etc.

Le Jensoft offers LAD, a case management solutions that helps small law firms and solo legal practitioners to manage communications with their clients and carry out daily business operations.


Reduces workflow, make employees more efficient and give you better control over your practice

LAD is a cloud-based case management software solution designed by LeJensoft that brings together all the legal procedures into a single, integrated platform to facilitate case management, document management, SMS integration, calendar and scheduling, and bookkeeping. It is designed to simplify, organize, and enhance daily procedures and processes in the modern firm. It helps to increase efficiency and improves the marketing of law firms to attract more clients.

LAD also lets you monitor case activity progress through a timeline. You can get an overall view of the cases you are handling and the proceedings details from a single dashboard. It is capable of generating various reports.


  •  User friendly interface
  •  Loads Fast
  •  More Accurate
  •  Cost effectiveness
  •  Multiple Access at any time from anywhere
  •  Increases Efficiency
  •  High Security
  •  Multi device support
  •  Digital paperless processes
  •  It is fully customizable to suit the needs of your business.
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