A Perfect Software Solution for Body Shop Management

The rapid growth of automotive body shop market is due to the huge demand for automotive spare parts over the forecast timeframe. Overcrowding traffic leads to road accidents and vehicle damage and it is the main cause for the need of automotive spare parts. The automotive body shops operate for ensuring the quality workmanship, and the good customer experience. The main objective of automotive body shop is to achieve profit, because without profit they could never make the commitment and investment in their ability to outperform with their competitors.

Le Jensoft offers AutoXBS, a specialized software designed for automotive body shop management


Manage your business to ensure you maximum profitability.

AutoXBS is a software solution offered by Le Jensoft for automotive body shop management. It includes customer relationship management, scheduling, parts ordering, document management, and reporting. AutoXBS provides extremely good customer services with follow-up and feedback. This in turn gets new clients. AutoXBS also facilitates insurance follow-up. Its reporting feature helps to identify and manage the dues from insurance company. It allows users to manage employees, customers, suppliers, reports, inventory, profit analysis and sales.

Our Product features a sophisticated and advanced payment module. It eliminates all kinds of human errors and drives efficiency. AutoXBS also support company’s import or export strategy and operational procedures by providing Excel import/export of data.Our product also features TDS calculation.

Our AutoXBS is a cloud based application and can be used in multi location, multi branch and anywhere in the world. It offers you data security and control. It helps you to maintain better customer relationship. Structured reporting feature helps you to analyze the sales performance. Operators have detailed information directly at their fingertips, so they can be more efficient with less effort. Using AutoXBS you can save time, effort, energy, cost, increase sales and thus can earn more profit.

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